Wellington Park is the home of Victoria’s most comprehensive Dog Training School. We offer fantastic obedience courses for ‘all’ breeds and because we understand that everyone’s needs are different, we tailor the training of your dog to suit ‘your’ lifestyle, whether it be while they holiday with us or in the leisure of your own home.

All our trainers are fully qualified and have been accredited by the National Dog Trainers Federation; Australia’s premier behaviour and training course. We boast humane training methods that compliment our highly effective and highly successful training techniques.

During their stay your dog will enjoy all the benefits of regular exercise whilst improving in manners and obedience. Whether you decide to focus on sit, drop, stand, heel, come, or to address unwanted behaviours such as jumping, destructiveness, or aggression, Wellington Park offers the training you’re looking for.

The training your dog will receive at Wellington Park is invaluable. We take the hard work out of training for you, making life for both you and your dog far more pleasurable upon returning home.

After a one-on-one assessment with one of our professional trainers we will identify your needs and help you choose the training option most suited.

Control Obedience (3 week course)

  • Sit
  • Not to jump
  • Drop
  • Not to pull on the lead
  • Recall on the long line
  • Sit stay
  • Drop stay
  • Heel
  • Focus
Includes a 1 hour private lesson at the kennels upon completion of the training.

Behaviour Modification (4 week course)

Suitable for dogs with behavioural issues including, but not limited to:
  • Human aggression
  • Dog aggression
  • Dominance
  • Timidity
  • Anxiety
Includes a 1 hour private lesson at the kennels upon completion of the training.

Daily Training Sessions

These sessions are a great way to work on those ‘problem areas’ while you are away on your holiday. We can cover all areas of obedience however, if there is a specific behavioural issue then we can concentrate on this. This option gives you the opportunity to choose how many training sessions you would like during your dogs holiday with us. There is no minimum or maximum amount of training sessions. You decide

Drop n Train Day care training session

t’s day care with training! Just like the Daily training sessions we can work on what you require while they get to spend the day here with us yet you still get to pick them up at night and take them home.

Private lessons at your home

There are some behaviours, known as environmental behaviours, that can only be fixed in the environment that they occur. They may include digging, stealing washing off the line, toilet training, barking and jumping up on the back door. Therefore with this option we come to you to help with these behaviours.

Private lessons here at the Kennels

For those who are wanting a more ‘hands on’ approach with resolving unwanted behaviour or just wanting to enjoy learning how to train your pet to be well mannered in all ‘environments’, then private lessons are for you. We can work on areas included but not limited to; sitting, dropping, heel, not to pull on the lead, recall and Wellington Park also offer socialisation for your dog. Private lessons are also offered to dogs that have behavioural issues such as unwanted aggression.


It was definitely the best money I have ever spent, and he has returned home a well mannered and beautiful dog. Before we went away we were at our wits end with him, as he was constantly jumping on the kids, chasing the cat, not responding to anything, and now he is amazing. He sits on command, drops, comes when I call him and rarely annoys the kids. It’s amazing.”


We welcome you to talk to any of our professional dog trainers for more information. Feel free to ask us any questions or seek guidance on how we can help you achieve your needs from your dog’s training

Once the training level best suited to your lifestyle has been chosen we can reserve your dog’s stay with us during a time that is ideal for you. From there; ‘The Rest Is Up To Us.’

At the completion of your dog’s training program you will receive your own private session with our trainer. After being briefed on your dog’s progress, our trainer and your dog will demonstrate the newly trained skills for you. Then, after reuniting you with your dog, you will be coached on how to perform and maintain these commands. Don’t forget, we’re always just a phone call away.



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