When it comes to finding the right people to care for your family pet while you are away we understand that trust is a big part of the equation. We have tried to outline some of the main questions people generally have when it comes to caring for their pets however we encourage you to give us a call or come and meet us in person if you have any other questions or if you just want to get a feel for the place.

Here are some of the more regularly asked questions:

Do my pets require vaccination and what vaccine is best?

All pets that come into our care MUST have a current Vaccination (within 12 months) and we will need to sight the up to date certificate from your veterinarian. We provide a healthy, clean and safe environment for your pets and in order to maintain this your dog must be immunised with a minimum C5 vaccination (Distemper, Parvo Virus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza & Bordatella) otherwise known as a C3 + BB or C3 + KC.

All cats must be immunised with a minimum F3 vaccination (Feline Enteritis, Feline Respiratory Disease, Cat flu)

All vaccinations need to be administered at least 10 days prior to checking in for boarding to ensure full protection for all animals in our care.

How do I know if my pet meets these requirements?

Your vet will be able to tell you the status of your pet’s vaccinations over the phone. If you are unable to find your pets ‘proof of vaccination’ card contact your veterinarian directly and ask them to fax a copy to us. Fax Number: 9752-7524

How big are the standard accommodation runs?

Our runs well exceed the legal requirements for boarding pets and offer extra room to stretch their legs. You are welcome to come down for a tour to view the runs for yourself. Please note we have tours operating on a Monday to Friday between 2pm – 3pm and on a Saturday 11am – 12pm.

Can my pets share the same run?

Certainly when it comes to dogs sharing we are more than happy to put both your pets in together as we have extra big runs that can legally and safely accommodate for 2 and up to 3 small dogs to share. However we do not take family cats down to the kennel area for obvious reasons

Will my pet be well sheltered from the elements?

Yes. Although our standard accommodation has an outside feel all our runs provide full shelter from direct sun and rain and have a raised bed provided with comfortable bedding to make sure your pet is kept safe and warm in the colder times. Alternatively our pet suites are set up with air conditioning and heating facilities.

How often do you feed our pets and what food do you use?

Most pets that stay at Wellington Park will be fed twice daily, however some pets will require 3 and up to 4 meals per day. We assess this by your individual pets requirement and upon your request. We feed a premium quality food ‘Advance’ in order to maintain your dogs health. This can be fed in a dry food or tinned food variety. We accommodate a range of foods including Puppy, Adult, Active, Weightloss and Senior diets to ensure we feed your pet the most suitable life stage diet to their needs. To compliment this we also provide fresh beef and chicken mince along with a variety of fish selections eg. Tuna or sardines for even the fussiest of eaters.

My pet has a special diet, can you cater for this?

Yes. Many pets have specific health requirements eg. Urinary s/o or Hills c/d. We are more than happy to ensure your pet receives its own special diet each day. If your pet has a specific diet please bring your pets own food with you for us to serve up to them throughout their stay.

My pet requires daily medication, can you make sure they receive this? Yes. Our staff are trained and confident to deal with the medical needs of your pets. We also have a practising veterinary nurse as part of our core staff team to deal with any medical issues of concern.

Can I bring something from home for my pet like bedding or toys?

We do not encourage people to bring in items from home for a number of reasons:

  • They may get misplaced and not come home again
  • They may get destroyed
  • Could be carrying a contagious virus

Wellington Park happily provides all the bedding your pet will need, and with plenty of blankets and cushions, both dogs & cats are well catered for. For the older or arthritic pets there are always a few extra covers to keep them cosy. We feel strongly about providing clean bedding, and to ensure that your pet receives the finest quality care possible, all bedding is laundered on a daily basis

If you would like to bring something with your scent on it (an old t-shirt) from home we ask that it is something that you are not concerned about if it does not get returned. Whilst we try our best to keep these items with your pet occasionally they can be misplaced and we are not able to send them home with your pet and for that reason we recommend against bringing anything with sentimental value.

What time should I drop off or pick up my pet?

Pets can arrive or depart any time within our normal business hours:

Monday to Friday     8am-5am.

Saturday       8am-1am.

Sunday       3am-5am.

Please note that any pet checking out after 1pm will incur an additional fee

What if I can’t make it within the opening hours?

We have a great pick up and delivery service operating Monday to Friday that is not only safe and secure but is fantastic value for money. More importantly it is extremely convenient. One of our staff will come to your door and pick up/drop off your pet for you. Our drivers are on the road first thing in the morning and are the saviour to many families, business people and early morning holiday goers. This service takes the hard work out so you have more time to do the things you need to do.

what is payment due?

We require payment to be paid in full upon check in at Wellington Park. We accept Visa or MasterCard (2.5% surcharge applies on all credit card transactions) Eftpos, Cheque (for stays longer than 4 days) or Cash. Please note that for pets arriving on Sundays we require payment to be fixed up prior to your arrival.

Do you have a cancellation Policy?

Yes, you can read about it here and download the pdf if you wish. Cancellation Policy


All pets coming to stay at Wellington Park Pet Care & Training must be up to date on their flea and intestinal worming treatments

You must provide proof of your pets up to date vaccination status before check in. All dogs must be vaccinated with a C5 vaccination and all cats must be vaccinated with an F3.

All pets must be a minimum of 10 days clear of their last vaccination.

You must tell us about any pet who is undergoing medical treatment or has recently been ill so that we can continue looking after their medication regime.

You need to provide any current medication that is to be administered to your pet throughout their stay with us including any special dietary requirements they may have


What training methods will you use?

There are a range of training techniques that can be used to train your dog, all of them fair and humane. When it comes to training dogs there is not one set training technique or piece of equipment that suits all dogs. Dogs like people are all different and therfore require different approaches. We are more than happy to discuss any preferences you may have prior to your dog training with us.

What are the trainers qualifications?

All of our trainers are accredited through the National Dog Trainers Federation and are certified in the following areas: Canine Psychology and Behaviour, Canine Health and all levels of Obedience training and instruction.

Can I visit my dog during it’s training?

We strongly recommend you do not visit your dog during its training with us for 3 main reasons:

  • It can often have a depressing effect on your dog, especially for those dogs who have a strong bond with their owners, and those who suffer from separation anxiety
  • Due to the stress of watching you come and then leave them again, the dogs training is interrupted and often set-back a few days
  • For your own benefit. With the implications above, the training will not be as thorough as it could be which ultimately costs you in terms of value for money.

Will my dog obey me when it gets home?

At the completion of your dog’s training program you will receive your own private session with one of our trainers. After being briefed on your dog’s progress, our trainer and your dog will demonstrate the newly trained skills for you. Then, after reuniting you with your dog ‘you’ will be coached on how to perform and maintain these commands. We are always just a phone call away, should you come across any challenges integrating your new training into your living environment.



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