At Wellington Park we cater for ALL breeds of dogs. Due to our picturesque location your dog will get to enjoy nature at its best. We have several different play yard areas and some of those are undercover so regardless of what the Melbourne weather is doing your dog will get to enjoy their complimentary playtime every single day.

If your dog is having trouble adapting to the daily environment our caring pet care staff will take them to climate controlled room that is nice and quiet. We find this helps those dogs that are here for the first time or that are a little bit more timid to adapt at their own pace in a quieter area than the main kennel block.

Our main kennel blocks whilst having an outdoor feel allowing lots of natural light and fresh air are fully sheltered from the elements making your pets stay with us nice and cozy. We also have climate controlled accommodation available in our Pet suites, which are equipped with air conditioning in the warmer months and heating in the cooler months.

All kennels are cleaned daily using a high pressure washer and viral cleaning sanitisation to ensure they are kept hygienically clean to ensure your dogs stay is not only pleasurable but healthy too.

Accommodation & Services

Our standard accommodation is amongst the main block of our facility ensuring your dog gets lots of human interaction throughout their stay. Each run allows your dog to stretch their legs in their spacious run and has its very own bed area that is raised off the ground, with lots of comfortable bedding. The bedding area is also sheltered from the rest of the run which allows your dog to retreat for some time out when they feel like a bit of alone time.

All our runs are kept hygienically clean and get plenty of fresh air and natural light whilst still being sheltered from all the elements. As a complimentary service every dog will enjoy a playtime in one of our specially designed play yards and for the friendly pooch you can choose to have your dog share their accommodation with a new like- minded friend. All pets that do share are matched by their temperament and monitored closely to ensure everyone is getting along and all dogs are enjoying a holiday of their own.

We also have a range of special services available that are a great way to make sure your pooch has the time of their life whilst they are on holiday with us


At Wellington Park we want your dog to have an enjoyable stay and feel like they too are on holidays. Choose from one of our extra services that have been specifically designed to provide some extra comforts throughout your pets stay.

Poochie Play Package:

When your dog stays with us they will enjoy a playtime every day as part of their daily routine but for some dogs one is just not enough. If your dog has an active personality or is maybe one of those social butterflies in life we highly recommend including an extra playtime.

Your dog will not only enjoy their playtime in the morning but will enjoy another session of play for a minimum of 1 hour in the afternoon. By the time it rolls around to bedtime you can guarantee your pooch will have earnt a good night’s sleep to recharge their batteries ready for tomorrow.

Back to Nature Package:

Every dog enjoys going for a walk, some like to pull and sniff till their hearts content whilst others like to take their time, nice and slow. However your dog likes to enjoy their daily walk they are bound to love a nature walk around our 5 acre property with one of our pet care staff.

As part of this service your dog will enjoy a playtime every day as part of their daily routine in the morning which frees up the afternoon for them to explore our bushland setting for their afternoon walk. This is by far our most popular service.

Affection Plus Package:

When your dog stays with us they will get to enjoy a playtime every day to expel some of their energy but what about those dogs who just love nothing more than a good cuddle with their humans. The affection package allows our pet care staff to spend some quality time with your pooch in the afternoon giving them pats, cuddles, maybe a brush or even a doggy massage. This is then followed by a delicious ‘Kong Time’ treat. You can choose from one of our tastebud tantalising recipes and know that your pooch is not only getting a delicious treat but also wearing themselves out for a good night’s rest. If your dog enjoys their one on one affection then this package is the one for you.

Pet suites

Our pet suites are the ultimate in luxury for your dog.

The Wellington Park pet suites give your dog the ability to have both indoor and outdoor access as they please. They can choose to enjoy the clean and tidy indoor area to stay warm or are free to frolic and play in a fully secure outdoor area.

When they come inside they can gaze out and enjoy the fresh air and natural light whilst enjoying the tunes played throughout the day from the comfort of their very own metal framed bed. Each bed is raised off the ground and has a mattress with comfy bedding refreshed daily. All our luxury guests also receive complimentary playtime sessions where they can enjoy playing with their friends in one of our specially designed play yards. When your pet stays in the pet suites don’t forget to add on one of our extra services so that your dog can enjoy going for a nature walk, having a brush and cuddle or chomping down on one of our delicious Kong recipes before they retreat to their humble abode for a good night’s sleep.

Caring for Senior Citizens

At Wellington Park many of our regular guests are what we class as ‘Senior Citizens’ and we take the utmost care in making sure their health and safety are our number one concern. Whilst this is important for every dog our pet care staff are well trained at providing that extra touch when our elderly guests come and stay. As an elderly guest we make sure they have regular access to exercise yards as well as being continually checked throughout the day. As pets age many of them require regular medication and specific care routines, we will follow your instructions down to the letter every day at no extra charge because nothing means more to us than the happiness of your pet.

All packages include the following services free of charge for your peace of mind

  • Medications administered by trained pet care staff
  • Variety of catering for the fussiest eaters
  • Premium quality food fed twice daily and full of the nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy throughout their stay.
  • Vet on call 24 hours a day

Special Seniors Package

Looking after our pets as the reach their senior years can be a full time job. Here at Wellington Park we know by the time they reach their senior years they have well and truly earned the luxury of being waited upon. When booking your elderly pet in for our senior citizen package they will enjoy more regular checks and one on one time to lap up the luxury they deserve.

Each senior citizen will enjoy a playtime with other seniors so that they are not bombarded with the youngsters in the playground. After playtime our staff will sit down and give your dog a mini massage at the same time as hand feeding them their treat of the day. After a well-earned nap we will take your pooch on a slow enjoyable walk with a rest half way and then accompany them back to their accommodation and finish the day with some TLC a brush and cuddle.

In the senior years we know a lot of our pets are on a daily schedule of medication and our well trained staff can give them their daily medication at no extra charge.



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