At Wellington Park Pet Care & Training we are well aware that when it comes to caring for your feline friends, their needs are very different to that of the canine variety and it is for this have an area dedicated solely to our cats accommodation.

All cat runs are nice and clean with lots of natural light and fresh air. Throughout your cats stay they can explore their spacious run, which includes their very own scratching post, has an elevated eating area and an area they can retreat to for some true cat napping time.

Accommodation & Services

Our standard accommodation includes a nice spacious area for your puss to explore that is bathed in natural sunlight and has lots of fresh air. We have both single and family suites available where your cat can choose to stretch out and watch the world go by. Each suite includes comfy bedding placed in a hideaway area where puss can retreat to for some privacy and beauty sleep. All cats are fed a premium quality diet with many varieties available to cater for even the fussiest of diners.

We also have a range of different services available that are specifically designed to help your cat relax and enjoy their stay with us. By adding an extra service it will truly help your puss have a holiday of their own.

Feline Fusstime – For the smoocher

Some cats are just not content until they have received the fuss and attention they crave. By adding our ‘Feline Fusstime’ service your cat gets to enjoy all the luxury’s that come with the standard service as well as enjoying some dedicated one on one time for lots of cuddles and some special brush time with one of our caring pet care staff.

Feline Playtime – For the active spirited

This package is perfect for the younger or more active cats. They will get all the luxury’s that come with our standard care plus the opportunity to stretch out and explore one of our specially designed feline play and exercise yards. Our play yards are designed to provide your cat with an environmentally enriched area to climb, jump, pounce and do all things cat.

Feline VIP – For the ultimate care package

The ultimate cat care service for your very loved feline friend is our Very Important Puss package which includes not only the standard luxury’s but combine our two extra services in one. This means your cat will enjoy time in one of our environmentally enriched play yards, stretching, climbing, jumping and pouncing then once they are tired from all the exercise they will have one of wonderful pet care staff help them relax whilst receiving long strokes of affection and cuddles until there heart is content to help them drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

All packages include the following services for your peace of mind;

  • Medications administered as required
  • Variety of catering for the fussiest eaters
  • Scratching poles in every suite
  • Daily cleaning of every suite



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